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It's Been a while....


Oh God, It's been so long.
Sometimes I miss writing things like this, so i guess I have started it again. I have changed... a lot for example:
  1. I am now old and going through a quarter life crisis
  2. I am now Engaged and I am OVER planning this wedding.
  3. I am living in Australia (for now) and I am extremely homesick
  4. There were a few huge earthquakes back home which is making it hard for us to be able to move home.
  5. I am now a Kindergarten Teacher but my immune system is so shitty that my doctor thinks its best for me to not work with children...
  6. glasscase
  7. My sister is now married with another Child.
  8. Josie is still my best friend.
  9. tumblr_m4z9p0QH291r5dsp6o1_250
I am rather embarrassed about all the shit I used to talk about, i mean, how annoying was I? I just read back over Jo's old journal though, and it is truly amazing. It is the most amazing and funny thing I have read in a long time and reminds me of how much I miss living down the road from her. Now I live across a stupid ocean.
I am now in love with several things:
  1. Still Harry Potter
  2. Still Transformers
  3. Supernatural
  4. Doctor Who
  5. Still Alice in wonderland
  6. Always Buffy
  7. Assassin's Creed
  8. Saints Row
  9. other annoyingly addictive Games and Movies and Such.
I shall also post a lot of GIF's as they make me happy... they should make you happy too.
I don't know why I am even bothering writing again on here, I highly doubt anyone will read this ever again. I think for me it is more of an outlet. I have been writing a lot of stories lately, as I have done all my life, and they have sort of been an outlet. I have about 6 different plots on the go at once though (which is a bad bad thing) Now I have one giant writers block and cant be bothered with any of them. Lameness.

Anyway... I may go, there is a couple of hundred police cars driving down my street so I am wanting to go have a nosy around. Okay so I still exaggerate a lot, there are only like 4 not a couple of hundred, It's not like my yellow Camaro has stolen itself and I need all available units to help. Anyone get that? Surely the Camaro thing was a give away? No?


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