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Attempting to eat a muffin... And dont take that out of context.
So I've been in bed for a little over a week now, after 5 doctors Visits, 3 almost trips to the hospital and 15 freak outs, I'm on the mend.
See what I mean about my body being retarded? It just is. This time I got some random infection in my lymphnodes and then my mouth swelled up and got full of ulcers and i couldnt move, I couldnt eat (Still cant really, you should see me try to eat this muffin, its like trying to watch Patsy eat a crisp) and couldnt drink.

After being on 6 different kinds of medication, I am on the mend and should be back at work next week. Christ. Thats another 2 weeks without work gone.

We've had to push back our wedding so I can get some tests done and such. I'm not happy about it, but at least this means I have another year to plan the wedding I want rather than just accept stuff because i'm sick and dont have enough energy to deal with it. Still... I dont want to have to wait longer to get married. I'm Terribly sad about it.
I just cant
I guess it will take me a while to get used to things, and realise that I need to sort my health out and find out what the fuck is wrong with me before putting myself through anymore stress. I'm so wise right now.


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