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Fuddle Fuddle Fuddle.
SO last night, I stayed at tom's. as usual on the weekend now. Anyway his cat gave me extreme hay fever so i took a hay fever tablet. But I will probably never drink and take a hay fever tablet again in my life.. as i passed out until he woke me up this morning and even then i kept drifting in and out of 'sleep'. Bad idea, so i was drugged this morning. And sat in the car while he went and got food before he ran around the forrest and shot people with a BB gun. (which is what he does with his spare time). Its not random people he shoots, its other people that have BB guns also... Just in case you were thinking. Not that you were thinking because no one ever reads these things, which i dont care about anyway. ANywho.. getting back to the point.. So i sat there in the car in the palms car park feeling drugged and such and stared at the old lady sitting in the car parked infornt of ours. I Wasnt trying to look at her funy or snything, in fact, I wasn't even aware that I WAS staring. But I must have been as she gave me a horrible look before she got out of her car and walked into the Mall.

So, i really just wanted to sleep.hmmm I just forgot that i was actually doing this and started looking at wedding photos. I may go harrass people and eat some food.


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