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Transformers and Harry Potter
I've realised that I have not been on here i9n god knows how long.... well actually live journal knows how long and now, thanks to them, I do too. 18 weeks. Good gracious. Thats just horrific. Though its not like anyone reads this, and I do write at home, Just so its a little bit more private and such. I really need my own computer and then i think i will be on this jolly thing all the time.

I'm off to watch my Nephews soccer final today, I always have a lot of fun watching 6 and 7 year olds run after a ball like their lives depend on it, and then once they get too close to it they get scared and then suddenly stop chasing it.  I really should get ready. I just got home from Toms house. So i'm still in my clothes from yesterday and I'm drinking a strong coffee to keep me away. I will drink another strong coffee once i get to soccer as well.

Procrastination is my middle name.

If I were a transformer... I think My name would be retardatron. and I'd never have a single form to tranform into. Man it would suck to be Scorponok. He's stuck as a massive giant freaking scorpion, so technically... he's not a transformer, because he cant transform. Why is Megatron so mean to starscream as well? Answer me that. Honestly, Its like Wormtail and voldemort in harry potter. Megatron is the big meanie, like voldy, and Starscream is just the faithful servant, like wormtail only wormtail is not as cool because he's not a transformer. Though he could be with the rat abilities. actually... Optimus is much like dumbledore. I think there is a similar theme going on here. Though i think Jetfire is more dumbledore like with his old age.... but he reminds me of snape with the being with the baddies and then changing sides. The twins are like the twins on harry potter, fred and george, always up to Trouble. Bumblebee... well bumblebee is just bumblebee, I usppose he's a little like a mixture of sirius and Remus all rolled into one. I havent decided who the main characters from harry potter are like yet... but i will.  I HAVE TO GO! FREAKING HELL!

I've been writing about how tranformers and harry potter are similar for about 15 minutes. Stopping every now and then to contemplate what I have written and paying no attention to the time. I, if i do say so myself, am truly a retardatron.


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