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Sitting in bed in my work jumper is it is the warmest thing I own in this country.
I'm cold. I'm not normally cold in this country, but today/ recently/ this winter I am. I think maybe its because I'm sick. I dont know. I gather that could be a decent factor in this problem. will take my temperature with my 'happy' thermometer my darling fiance bought me. Its happy because it's yellow... there is no other reason for it to be happy other than that. It sometimes makes me happy when it tells me my temperature is normal, like now. Happy Days with my Happy Thermometer. I'm not kidding, I really do get very excited when my temp is normal, you may think I am weird for this, you'd be right. In actual fact, I have recently recovered from a month and a half long illness involving some water born thing that is only found in certain countries. No one knows how I got it. Anyway, I was sick for ages and and would freak out whenever my temp went up cause my doc said i'd have to go into hospital if it went above a certain temp. So naturally I panicked when it went up point one of a degree. When I get temps, i tend to get really sick, so I dont think i'm strange for being excited about having a normal temp as I havent had one in the longest time so YAY! GO ME AND MY NORMAL BODY TEMP!
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Anyway, on a more serious note. I went to Work today, got to be in a room with a good friend of mine who was actually my first assistant when I became a group leader and we were with all our old kids. When I say old kids I mean they were in my room last year (I was group leader in the Babies room and Sheri was my assistant) but now they are all toddlers and extremely funny. one of the little girls is obsessed with sunglasses and had like 7 pairs in her bag and was letting the other kids wear them and such. Sheri thought it would be funny to put a pipe cleaner in Raquels hair and shape it into one of the hair styles lady gaga has. I'm pretty sure it was the funniest thing I have ever seen, we also got raquel to respond to being called Gaga. Then Poppy wanted to join in so we had two Gaga's and it became very confusing as they too were getting confused as to who we were talking to. Poppy must have thought she looked so different with sunglasses on because she would walk up to people and go "Hello Hello!" then take off the glasses and say "haha its me!" 2 year olds are funny. Sometimes I wish I had more 2 year old friends, they're great fun except for when they're not and throwing tantrums, then they are not so fun and I want to give them back to their parents.


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